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Le 12 juin, la sixième session de la quatrième conférence des membres de l'Association de l'industrie des circuits intégrés de Shanghai 2024 et le Forum international sur le développement de l'industrie des circuits intégrés de Shanghai ont eu lieu le 12 juin. (ci-après dénommée « l'Association ») s'est tenue avec succès au Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Hall. Zhang Suxin, président de l'Association, secrétaire du Comité du Parti et président du groupe Huahong, et Tang Wenkan, directeur adjoint de la Commission économique et d'information de Shanghai, ont assisté à la réunion et prononcé des discours. En tant que société membre de l'Association de l'industrie des circuits intégrés de Shanghai, Baoshili a été invitée à assister à la réunion pour partager des informations de pointe avec des collègues de l'industrie et discuter du développement industriel.

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L'industrie nationale des semi-conducteurs se développe régulièrement.
Baoshili promeut activement la synergie entre les industries en amont et en aval.

At the meeting, Liu Linfa, director of the Development and Research Department of the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association, released the "2024 Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Development Report". The report pointed out that although my country's integrated circuit industry is facing a severe and complex external environment, ups and downs in the market situation, and a confusing competitive landscape, the development of the domestic semiconductor industry remains stable, with sales reaching 1,227.69 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.3%.

While the domestic environment is stable and upward, Shanghai's integrated circuit industry has also delivered a good answer, achieving sales of 325.19 billion yuan throughout the year, a year-on-year growth rate of 6.4%. Against this background, the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association has taken on the mission of actively promoting upstream and downstream collaboration between the semiconductor industry, attracting a large number of leading semiconductor companies in the cluster to join.

Baoshili is a member of the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association. The company is located in Shanghai Lingang Hailifang Equipment Park, a famous semiconductor industry cluster in Shanghai, and is a leading upstream component manufacturer in the cluster.

Baoshili representatives said at the meeting: "At present, the key semiconductor components produced by Baoshili - ultra-pure PFA products, ultra-pure packaging containers and other products have overcome technical difficulties and have taken the lead in achieving domestic substitution. Next, Baoshili will accelerate the upstream and downstream collaboration of the industry, increase investment in R&D technology, maintain the stability of the supply chain, and contribute to the upstream and downstream collaboration of the domestic semiconductor industry."


Domestic semiconductors overtake others
Technological innovation brings opportunities

On the one hand, the semiconductor industry is developing at a slow pace, and on the other hand, it is continuously brewing new breakthroughs.

President Zhang Suxin said, "In the past year, domestic technological innovation and industrial upgrading in the fields of communications, artificial intelligence, computers, automobiles, and consumer electronics have been extremely active. At present, we are standing at a new starting point, and we must still make arduous efforts. We must continue to increase investment in technology research and development, promote technology to a higher level, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the industry; we must strengthen the construction of the industrial ecosystem and make up for the shortcomings and weak links in the development of the industrial chain; we must pay more attention to the training of talents and team building, and inject strong and inexhaustible talent momentum into the sustainable development of the integrated circuit industry; we must strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the global integrated circuit industry."

Since 2023, the global semiconductor technology innovation field has been brilliant. In the field of communications, 5G is moving firmly towards 5.5G and even 6G; in the field of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence, new architectures and process routes are constantly being applied, such as Chiplet architecture and CoWoS packaging technology. The evolution of "Venus image" to "Venus video" has a profound impact on the development of human economic society; in the field of automotive electronics, with the development of new energy vehicles, a batch of high-computing chips such as smart driving and smart cockpits have been spawned, which also provides application scenarios for the vigorous development of the wide bandgap semiconductor industry...

Technological innovation is the key proposition for the development of the domestic semiconductor industry to "overtake on the curve". Since 2021, Baoshili has continued to invest in independent technology research and development. With the continuous application of product upgrades, it has successfully created industry-leading products such as ultra-clean PFA tubes and PFA joints, and has become the first domestic component manufacturer to sign a contract with a leading semiconductor industry enterprise.

This industry conference and summit forum successfully brought together industry experts, well-known entrepreneurs and other guests who are representative of the forefront in the circuit field, providing a platform for industry colleagues to exchange ideas. As a member of the industry, Baoshili also hopes to continue to contribute to further consolidate the industry and jointly promote industrial development.
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