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The 102nd China Electronics Fair


The 102th China Electronics Show and Semiconductor Exhibition will be held grandly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 22 to 24, 2023.

China Electronics Fair (CEF) takes domestic substitution as its driving force and specialization as its driving force to promote high-quality innovative development. The development of China's manufacturing industry has entered a new era, shifting from high-speed development to high-quality development. Independent innovation of core technologies and actively guiding small and medium-sized enterprises to develop in a professional, refined, distinctive and novel direction is an important part of my country's high-quality development. With the theme of "Innovation, Strong Foundation, Application, and Strong Chain", China Electronics Exhibition will continue to use basic electronic components as a technological traction to expand the fields of automobiles, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., such as the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, 5G, military industry, and new energy. Innovation in the application of core technologies such as intelligence and information security boosts industrial development and helps enterprises take off.

Boshili participated in this exhibition with a variety of products. The main exhibits include: ultra-clean PFA pipes, ultra-clean PFA connectors, ultra-clean HDPE barrels, clean room wipes, roll wipes, anti-static wipes, etc.

Baoshili Company was established in 1999 and focuses on the R&D and production of dust-free purification products. Specializing in the production of ultra-clean PFA pipes, ultra-clean PFA joints, ultra-clean HDPE barrels, ultra-clean cloth and other products. Products are widely used in semiconductor chips, integrated circuits, flat panel displays, biomedical technology, automobiles and aviation and aerospace industries. From product research and development to production of the entire industry chain process, we can meet the needs of various customers.

As an important annual event in the industry, the China Electronics Show not only attracts mass companies to showcase their core technologies, but also holds more than 10 summits and forums during the same period to satisfy the audience's comprehensive understanding of industry knowledge and macro trends. The booth displays products and technologies, allowing factory personnel to have a more comprehensive understanding of industry trends and cooperation and exchanges.

The exhibition is large-scale, attracting more than 800 well-known home furnishing companies. Bao Shili actively established exchanges and cooperation with top companies and enterprises in the industry, and jointly witnessed the feast of electronic technology!

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